Class Action Suit filed against Antigua

July 13, 2009
By Peter Morgenstern

A major international class action lawsuit was filed today by attorney Peter Morgenstern on behalf of all Stanford International Bank-Antigua victims. The suit is against the Commonwealth of Antigua and Barbuda for claims of $24 Billion under the RICO Act, which entitles plaintiffs to seek treble damages of 3 times the actual losses. Some of our SVC members are named as plaintiffs along with victims from 6 or 7 different countries and will represent all victims in the "class." The case was filed in the US District Court in Houston. All victims are part of the suit and there is no need to "sign up."

Here is an excerpt from the suit:

This is an action to recover billions of dollars of losses suffered by innocent and unsuspecting customers from around the world who entrusted their money to R. Allen Stanford's Stanford International Bank, Ltd. ("SIBL"), part of the Stanford Financial Group ("SFG"), which has now been exposed as one of the most notorious, fraudulent, corrupt, and criminal enterprises in history.

Antigua is sovereign, but not above the law. It became a full partner in Stanford's fraud, and reaped enormous financial benefits from the scheme. Stanford stuffed Antigua's coffers – and its officials' pockets – with money stolen from unsuspecting customers throughout the United States, Canada, Central America, South America, and elsewhere. Antigua worked tirelessly to protect and nurture Stanford's criminal enterprise and, in return, eagerly accepted its share of criminally-procured funds.

Stanford's massive fraud would not have been possible without the active, knowing, and essential assistance of Antigua. Antigua: (i) provided a safe haven for Stanford to operate; (ii) provided essential assistance in Stanford's efforts to portray itself to Plaintiffs and other members of the Class as a legitimate provider of financial services; (iii) participated with Stanford in a variety of commercial activities in Antigua that provided a pretext for the transfer of criminal proceeds from Stanford to Antigua; (iv) provided false and fraudulent information to the Securities and Exchange Commission ("SEC") and other regulators in order to thwart the SEC's investigations into Stanford; and (v) shared in the criminal proceeds of the conspiracy, all or substantially all of which were stolen from the Plaintiffs and other members of the Class.


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